Start a career in consulting with free resources

July 3, 2024

Want to kickstart a career in consulting without breaking the bank? With a wealth of comprehensive online courses, webinars, and podcasts available for free, you can gain the essential knowledge and skills needed to excel. Discover invaluable resources, including certifications and ebooks, to guide your journey. Unlock free tools and practical tips tailored to help you thrive as an aspiring consultant. Let's begin your journey to success!

Essential free resources for starting a consulting career

Here are the reasons to prefer the resources available online to launch one’s career.

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Comprehensive online courses and certifications

For those beginning their consulting journey, free online courses and certifications are invaluable. Platforms like offer comprehensive training, including practical advice and real-world examples, to help you succeed in interviews and case studies. Such resources can significantly boost your chances of securing roles at prestigious firms like mckinsey, bcg, and bain & company.

Access to webinars and podcasts for continuous learning

Staying updated is crucial in consulting. Free webinars and podcasts provide ongoing education on industry trends, new methodologies, and best practices. These resources are excellent for continuous learning and keeping your skills sharp.

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Free downloadable guides and ebooks

Free downloadable guides and ebooks are essential for deepening your understanding of consulting principles and strategies. These materials cover various topics, from project management to client acquisition, helping you build a solid foundation for your consulting career.

Networking and career development for aspiring consultants

For beginners, networking, personal branding and writing good CVs can make all the difference.

Networking strategies and platforms for consultants

Building a robust network is essential for career growth. Utilise platforms like linkedin and industry-specific forums to connect with professionals. Attend industry events and webinars to expand your reach.

Tips for job searching and resume building in consulting

Tailor your resume to highlight relevant experience and skills. Use action verbs and quantify achievements. Leverage job boards and company websites to find openings. Prepare for interviews with case studies and mock sessions.

Personal branding and career growth advice

Develop a personal brand by showcasing your expertise through blogs or social media. Engage with thought leaders and participate in discussions. Continuously update your skills and knowledge to stay relevant in the competitive consulting landscape.

Tools and platforms for consulting professionals

If you're looking for tools and platforms for your pitches, the examples below are sure to please.

Essential tools for project management and client acquisition

Effective project management and client acquisition are crucial. Consultport offers a range of tools like the digital readiness tool and consultant pricing tool. Chandoo provides excel resources for managing financial evaluations.

Resources for developing consulting skills and creating business plans

For developing consulting skills, consultport academy offers educational resources. Slideshare provides presentations and infographics for creating comprehensive business plans.

Platforms offering industry insights and trend analysis

Stay informed with consultingmag for industry news and feedly for curated global news and client updates. These platforms ensure you remain updated on the latest consulting trends and methodologies.